Young Life Capernaum is a nonprofit outreach that helps high school students with disabilities experience the Gospel in a relevant and engaging way. Like every other high school student, those with disabilities are thirsty to discover their identity, the meaning of their lives and where they fit in. Often, they are running to the wrong places to find answers to those questions. Young Life Capernaum hopes to teach students with disabilities that they are created by a God who desires and deeply loves them.

Young Life Capernaum is also a ministry to families and parents who are raising kids with disabilities. The divorce rate for parents of kids with disabilities is over 80 percent. Young Life Capernaum seeks to share the Gospel with these parents in word and deed by providing them respite care and connecting them with volunteer leaders who will form meaningful relationships with their kids.

Here are two ways you can get involved with Young Life Capernaum in Baltimore:

1. Serve as a buddy at club meetings

Every other week during the school year, Young Life Capernaum hosts a club for students with disabilities to come spend time with their friends and leaders, enjoy music and games and hear the Gospel presented in a way that is clear and relevant to them. To pull this off, between 10 and 20 buddies are needed to come spend time with kids and be a presence/helping hand. Club will pick back up in September 2015.

2. Adult committee

Young Life Capernaum is looking for a group of adults to join its committee. This group will meet once a month and assist with big events, such as the annual fundraiser banquet.

If you have an interest in either of these opportunities, please contact YL Capernaum staff member Kate Goehringer by emailing