Everyone secretly longs to know others and to be known...

Each one of us longs to have people in our lives who know us for who we are and who choose to love us in spite of ourselves. We all long for community. God designed this longing in each one of us. No matter how independent we like to be, He designed us to need others in our lives. Other people shape us, sharpen us, and teach us about who God is. Consider getting involved in one of our groups. We promise that you will be glad you did.

Current Community Groups at City Church:

Monday Evening Gathering

This group gathers weekly and meets predominantly in the Towson/Cockeysville area.

Wednesday Gathering

This group gathers on wednesday’s twice a month and meets predominantly in Roland Park.

sunday gathering

This group gathers twice a month and meets in the Hunt Valley area.

Women’s Gathering

This group gathers Wednesday evenings twice a month and meets predominately in Towson and Rosebank.

wednesday gathering

This group gathers every other week and meets in the Mt. Washington neighborhood.


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