Upcoming City Kids Events


“City Church cares for families and children."

Families are the most vital “institution” in any culture. Families were instituted by God to demonstrate to the world the love and affection of God, our Father. We believe in the strength of families and the importance of raising children to love and worship Jesus Christ. That’s why we offer the following to families and kids of City Church:

The Kids’ Story

When you visit City Church, you’ll notice that we have a portion of our service dedicated to our kids, called The Kids’ Story. Our kids are invited up front to participate in a kids-focused element that is just for them. Some weeks this is a story led by a volunteer, other weeks kids may lead the charge with a performance or activity. Whatever it is, we desire our kids to feel as if they are special and have a place in worship.


city kids’ program (middle)

This fall 2016, City Church will be starting a Middle School program. Stay tuned for more details.


City Kids’ Program (Elementary)

After the Kids’ Story, our elementary aged-kids are dismissed for a City Kids Program. This program is staffed by trained Children’s Ministers who work to keep your children engaged and active as they learn about God’s word.


Childcare (Preschool and Younger)

Childcare is available for preschool-age kids and younger for the entire service. You are welcome to make use of this or to keep your kids with you during the service. All of our volunteers have been screened and background-checked for safety and are eager to  serve your family.