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  • 600 Wyndhurst Avenue
  • Baltimore, MD, 21210

The Scriptures talk more about wealth than almost any other topic. Jesus made a habit to teach very plainly about wealth. Yet, often as we read it, we think it doesn’t apply to us. It certainly applies to those higher on the wealth scale than we are. But, we don’t qualify.

Studies have shown that we live in the wealthiest cultural moment in human history. We also live in the wealthiest country known to human history. And, our wealth extends beyond just money. We have a wealth of time, resources, and education.

Jesus’ words most certainly apply to us.

Join us for a three-week Adult Formation Course on “Wealth & Faith.” We’ll see what it means to follow Jesus through the wealth of our time.  

  • January 15 – Luke 12:13-21 – Wealth & Faith: How Our Wealth Impacts our Relationship with God
  • January 29 – Luke 19:11-27 - Wealth & Communal Stewardship: How Our Wealth Impacts our Relationship with Others
  • February 5 – Isaiah 58: 1-14 - Wealth & Social Justice: How Our Wealth Impacts our Relationship with the World

The course will be held at the Stony Run Office Space located at 600 Wyndhurst Avenue, Suite 103. Childcare is available but must be requested upon registration.