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The word "advent" means "coming." It is pregnant with expectation and hope. For centuries, God's people had been waiting for a king. This king would bring them protection, peace, and flourishing. They had an up and down relationship with kings. Some were good. Most were bad. All the kings left them wanting and hungry. They wanted the advent of the perfect king that God promised to them. 

The Advent season reminds us that the King has come. God made good on His promises. It is also a reminder that God's way are not our ways. The King who came that first Christmas was unlike anything anyone expected. But, He was the exactly the King that that they needed. He is the king that we need to. 

Sunday, November 25: 1 Samuel 8: "Desiring the King" - You can download the podcast here: “Desiring the King”

Sunday, December 2: 1 Samuel 13:5-15 “A Fearful King” - You can download the podcast here: “A Fearful King”

Sunday, December 9: 2 Samuel 12:1-13 “A Flawed King”

Sunday, December 16: 1 Kings 9:1-10 “A Wandering King” - You can download the podcast here: “A Wandering King”

Sunday, December 23: Matthew 2:1-23 “A Hallow King”

Sunday, December 24: Christmas Eve: “The King We Need”