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When Jesus walked the earth, people were drawn to Him. People still are drawn to Him. But, how people respond to Jesus is varied. Some walk away in scorn. Others find what their hearts are most searching for.

This fall, we are beginning a sermons series entitled:
The Religious & the Rejected

We will look at how Jesus interacted with the most religious of His day and how He related to the most rejected people of His day.

Sunday, September 9 - Mark 9:14-29 - “Help My Unbelief!” - You can download the podcast here: “Help My Unbelief!”

Sunday, September 22 - John 3:1-15 - “You Must Be Born Again” - You can download the podcast here: “You Must Be Born Again”

Sunday, September 29 - Matthew 23:1-36 - “Woe to You!”

Sunday, October 6 - John 8:1-11 - “Casting Stones”