cutting room floor.001 Often there are lots of footnotes, quotes, links, and illustrations that go into worship and a message on Sunday mornings. Some of those items make it and others don't. The cutting room floor includes a little bit of everything. Here is a sampling from this week's message entitled: "The Substance of the Mission" from Acts 1:6-12.

You can download the sermon here: City Church iTunes PodCast.

Summary: God gives His people a substantial mission. Acts 1 tells us of the nature of the mission, the extent of the mission, the carriers of the mission, and the object of the mission. Ultimately, the mission is not about what you do, but about who you know.

Extent of the Mission

Check out "The Blog Post That Exploded: Baltimore and Broken Hearts" for an account of the recently viral Baltimore blogs. Make sure to read "Baltimore, You're Breaking My Car."

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 1.25.02 PMWe referenced Antero Pietila's comments on the neighborhood divisions that exist in Baltimore. His book "Not in My Neighborhood" is an excellent resource on understanding the real estate practices that led to the current make-up of Baltimore City neighborhoods.


Carriers of the Mission

Here's a quote written in the 2nd century by church father Athenagorus about the carriers of the mission:

“Among us you will find uneducated persons and artisans and old women, who, if they are unable to prove the benefits of doctrine, yet by their deeds they exhibit the benefits arising from their persuasion of its truth. They do not practice great speeches, but they exhibit good works. When struck, they do not strike back. When robbed, they do not go to law. They give to those who ask of them. And they love their neighbors as themselves." 

Object of the Mission

Here are photos from the Baltimore Sun's Darkroom on the Great Fire of Baltimore, 1904.