A Lenten Journey.001

In its simplest form, Lent is a season of reflection and preparation. It has been a practice of the church for centuries across many denominational backgrounds. This forty day season begins with Ash Wednesday and concludes with the celebration of Easter Sunday.

We invite you to journey with us during this season of preparation and reflection as we commit to reflect on the Gospel of Christ. The attached guide is designed to help you walk through this season of reflection and it is designed to be used in community. Consider joining one of our community groups throughout the season of Lent.

Throughout history, Christians have recognized Lent by “giving up” something. We are not asking you to give something up, simply to make the time to pray, read, gather, and worship. The catch is that it will require time, which may inadvertently require giving something up. Time is a precious commodity. We understand that. But we also know time spent journeying through prayer and reflection will be time well spent with the Father.

Lenten Guide 2014

A favorite in our City Kid's program is the "Jesus Storybook Bible" by Sally Lloyd Jones. Here is a Lenten Guide for you and your family to use that walks you through the "Jesus Storybook Bible" from Creation to Resurrection. Your kids will love it and you will find yourself caught up in the story, too. You can find digital copies of the "Jesus Storybook Bible" online for your iPad or Kindle.

Lenten Kid's Guide 2014