For centuries, the Christian liturgy has included Prayers of Lament. "A lament is an implicit act of faith in which the community of faith turns to God as its only source of hope and comfort." These are genuine and "raw" prayers that process the pain and the brokenness of this world. 

In light of recent in events in Baton Rouge, Minnesota, Dallas, and the ongoing violence on the streets of Baltimore, we pray this Prayer of Lament:

Why, Lord, must evil seem to get its way?
We confess that our sin is deeply shameful;
but the wicked are openly scornful -
they mock your name and laugh at our dismay.
We know your providential love holds true:
nothing can curse us endlessly with sorrow.
Transform, dear Lord, this damage into good;
show us your glory, hidden by this evil.
— The Worship Sourcebook