Araminta Freedom Initiative seeks to awaken, equip and mobilize the Church and our community to end Human Trafficking in the Baltimore area. They engage in the prevention of the sexual exploitation of minors, the systemic economic deterrence of the business of human trafficking, intervention and rescue of those held against their will and provision of aftercare initiatives that provide healing and wholeness to victims.


Volunteer Training – Awaken, Equip, Mobilize (begins September 17): Araminta Freedom Initiative prepares people to be Araminta volunteers by covering the following topics: scope of the issue and current responses; understanding victims, traffickers and buyers; cultural awareness context and the influence of the commercial sex trade on DMST; current legislation, law enforcement’s response and legislative gaps; and, Araminta engagement opportunity descriptions and sign-ups. After completing this training, participants are qualified to volunteer in one of the following areas: aftercare, prevention education and awareness, training facilitation and research, economic deterrence and/or church engagement.

Connect: Receive the general Araminta email for future opportunities and news: contact Stephanie Green (greens@aramintafreedom.org) to be added to this list.


Be alerted when needs arise: Receive emails where you can help meet very real and tangible needs of trafficking survivors in the Baltimore region

Provide lunch to survivors: Sign up to drop off lunch to survivors at their drop in center on Monday and Wednesday afternoons

Be a part of the prayer team: Araminta has an active prayer team that meets together in addition to receiving emails of ongoing prayer needs related to Araminta and survivor services in the region.

To be included on any of these communications, or if you have any questions, please contact Araminta's Director of Volunteer Programs Sarah Batley at batleys@aramintafreedom.org.