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Join us for a fall Adult Formation course on ANGER, beginning September 9. Can you be both good and angry? How do we redeem anger, irritation, complaining and bitterness? 

For our discussion on ANGER, we will be using David Powlison's book: "Good & Angry".

In this groundbreaking book, David Powlison reframes the universal problem of anger through an in-depth exploration of God’s anger and ours. Full of practical help for all who struggle with how to respond when life goes wrong. “Good and Angry” sets readers on a path toward the faithful and fruitful expression of anger.

To follow along, order your copy of "Good & Angry" today. Here is our tentative schedule:

September 9 - Introduction & Chapter 1: Angry People

September 16 - Chapter 2: Do You Have a Serious Problem with Anger? and Chapter 3: How Does That Shoe Fit?

September 23 - Chapter 4: I'm Against That, Chapter 5: All of You Does Anger, and Chapter 6: Nature, Nurture... and Human Nature

September 30 - Chapter 7: The Constructive Displeasure of Mercy, Part 1 and Chapter 8: The Constructive Displeasure of Mercy, Part 2

October 7 - Chapter 9: Good and Angry? and Chapter 10: The Best Anger, The Best Love

October 14 - Chapter 11: A Mirror on Your Anger, Chapter 12: He Gives More Grace, and Chapter 13: Eight Questions: Taking Your Anger Apart to Put You Back Together

October 21 - Chapter 14: I'll Never Get Over It and Chapter 15: The Everyday Angers

October 28 - Chapter 16: Do You Ever Get Angry at Yourself and Chapter 17: Anger at God